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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Chard

For expert alloy wheel refurbishment in Chard and Somerset, look no further than Auto Body Tec. We can restore your alloy wheels, so they look like new. Our technicians can fill, paint and lacquer kerbed or damaged alloy wheel spokes and rims to get them back to pristine condition.

Simply call a friendly member of our staff on 01460 354105 to arrange your service, at a competitive price.

Alloy wheel refurbishment process

We repair and refurbish alloy wheels with care and expertise, ensuring they are durable, effective and well-fitted, so you get great value for money. Look below to see the standard process to get your alloy wheels looking great:

  1. Removing vehicle wheels
  2. Removing tyres, weights and valves
  3. Stripping paintwork, dirt and grime
  4. Shot blasting wheel cleaning
  5. Wheel inspection
  6. Structural repair i.e. straightening, welding
  7. Kerbed surface preparation for paint
  8. Base coat application
  9. Diamond cutting
  10. Powder coat lacquer application
  11. Tyre fitting and balancing
  12. Fitting the wheels to the vehicle
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Diamond cut alloys

Here at Auto Body Tec, we repair and restore diamond cut alloys with precision and skill, so you get a durable and eye-catching finish.

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Powder coating

Powder coating offers advanced finishing that creates a strong and durable finish. Powder coating gives wheels a strong and protective finish keeping them safe from the elements, dirt, bleaching, wear and marking.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Quote

For an alloy refurbishment quote, get in touch today. Our great expertise combined with our affordable rates make us hard to beat.

Diamond Cut Wheel Refurbishments

Diamond cut wheels have become a popular choice for modern vehicles as they provide a luxury, high-end alloy finish. Because of their stunning shine, if these wheels become damaged with scratches or scuffs it can really impact the appearance of your vehicle. Therefore, a refurbishment service is recommended to repair damage and prolong the life of your distinctive wheels. We can repair all signs of damage as well as respray the wheels to return them back to their original, pristine condition.

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Contact Us

To arrange  an appointment for alloy wheel refurbishment in Chard or the surrounding areas of Somerset, give us a call on 01460 354105.

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