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Car Respraying

Auto Body Tec uses the latest technology, equipment and insurance approved paints, so that you receive a durable, safe and high-quality car respraying. Following the repair of post-accident issues including dents and scratches, one of our technicians may need to give your vehicle a half or full respray. To conceal any inconsistencies in the paintwork of your car, we use insurance approved paints. This means you can rest assured that your car will get a durable and reliable finish. Whether your vehicle’s paintwork has been damaged in a car accident, or by vandalism, our qualified team will relinquish any marks, scratches and dents. To arrange your car respraying please contact us on 01460 354105 or 07792 802221.

Bumper scuffs, scratches and panels

Our technicians can do the necessary repairs and paintwork following bumper scuffs, scratches and panel damage. We have a well-equipped car body repair centre, in addition to a highly experienced team of technicians. Therefore, you can rest in the knowledge that we will treat your car with care, attention-to-detail and a great amount of expertise.

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Half car resprays

If your vehicle has endured a certain amount of damage on one side, then it may require a half car respray. We offer a comprehensive repaint, refinish and paint matching service to each one of our clients so that you get the top-notch results you deserve. We take pride in using only the best quality equipment, products and solutions, throughout our repair centre.

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Full car resprays

Has your car endured severe vandalism or damage in an accident? Or maybe your cars initial colour has faded over time? Not to worry. Our technicians can perform a full car respray to restore your vehicle to its original condition. Come to Auto Body Tec if you want a professional paint-job.

Insurance approved paints

We ensure that our staff always use insurance approved paints for your car respraying. MaxMeyer is our collision sector ppg paint company of choice, since it offers impeccable solutions for our repairs, from clearcoats to primers. Therefore, you can depend on our team to provide you with a comprehensive and high-quality service.

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